Our Mission

With so many researches being done in the world, very few people can actually understand them. Even worse, a significant portion of mankind is simply unaware of the research activities, and hence cannot apply the results from research papers to their advantage. May she be an entrepreneur who is running a small business, or  simply a general individual who cares about the world or the cosmos she belongs to, it should be in her interest to be updated with recent developments and ideas, and there should not be any barrier to that ever-lasting quest.


So, with voluntary contributions from people who genuinely care about transmitting knowledge, we are trying to act as a bridge trying to make research papers understandable to anyone with basic understanding of the related field.

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We are deeply cautious to provide you with the most accurate information as possible. However, we highly encourage you to use our information for general knowledge, and not for academic work and research purposes. Even though the summaries are appropriately condensed, they may not, sometimes, represent the entire aspects of the research, as the summaries are mostly written by students, and not by the researchers themselves.

Even if you trust us, and intend to use our information in your work, we highly encourage you to cite the original research / review paper instead. 

If you would like to advice correction to any of our articles, leave us a message at info@cherrubics.com.